Meet our resident artist Colin

In the vibrant world of tattooing, there's a distinctive name that echoes through the alleys of creativity – Colin Clark, our talented resident artist here at Three Kings London. Hailing from the garden state of New Jersey, Colin brings a unique blend of East Coast roots and British charm to the buzzing tattoo scene in the heart of London.

Colin's journey into the world of tattoos is as diverse as his ink creations. Growing up in the eclectic landscape of New Jersey, his artistic spirit was nurtured by the diverse influences around him. Yet, it's not just the Jersey vibes that course through his veins – Colin's paternal connection to the UK adds an extra layer to the tapestry of his artistic identity.

Tattoo by Colin

An unapologetic plant nerd and a passionate frog enthusiast, Colin's fascination with the natural world is a wellspring of inspiration for his tattoo art. His pieces often reflect this deep connection, featuring subjects ranging from medieval armor to serpentine wonders, bugs, and mythical beings.

Colin's signature style lies in his mastery of line and dot-based tattoos. Each piece is a carefully crafted work of art, a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and precision. His portfolio is a visual journey through the realms of fantasy and nature, capturing the essence of his diverse interests.

Several years ago, Colin made the bold move to transplant himself from the familiar shores of Brooklyn NY to the bustling streets of London. Since then, he has become an integral part of the tattoo community, leaving his mark both on the canvas of skin and the artistic landscape of the city.

Beyond ink and needles, Colin's life revolves around a few key passions. A lover of the outdoors, he finds solace in riding his bike, immersing himself in the city's energy. But it's his green thumb that truly sets him apart – Colin is an avid collector and propagator of plants, creating lush terrariums that mirror the enchanting worlds he brings to life on skin. In a fascinating twist, he even used to breed frogs, adding a touch of the exotic to his already captivating story.

For those eager to be adorned by Colin's work, he is available for walk-ins every Wednesday. However, for a more personalized experience, appointments can be booked on other days of the week. As an artist who is constantly evolving, Colin encourages enthusiasts to check out his latest flash for a glimpse into his current inspirations and themes. If you are interested in getting tattooed by Colin click here to inquire.

Colin's flash sheet

Colin's flash sheet