Get to know: Colin Clark

Colin Clark has recently joined the Three Kings Family in London. We catch up with him during isolation to learn a little more about him and to see what he's been up too.

Three Kings: So Colin, tell us, where are you from?

Colin Clark: I am originally from the states and moved to London from NYC a year and half ago.


TK: Did you study anything interesting in school?

CC: I studied ecology and evolution for my bachelors. I worked in a variety of fields including reptile/amphibian husbandry, exhibit design and environmental education before turning to tattooing.


TK: Thats some really interesting fields you've had experience in! What brought you to London?

CC: I moved here to do my masters, the MA of Art & Science at Central Saint Martins/University of the Arts London.


TK:  What do you like about London compared to where you are from?

CC: Honestly, I’ve found London to be just a cleaner more civilised version of NYC which made the transition rather seamless.


TK: I feel like I hear that a lot when I speak to people who have moved over here, yet I feel the complete opposite.  How long have you been tattooing?

CC: Just a little over five years.


TK: What was it that got you into tattooing?

CC: I have always been an illustrator and saw tattooing as a medium through which I could explore a wider range of imagery I found compelling. Over time I developed a deeper appreciation for the history of the craft and the cultural significance of it’s practices and imagery.


TK: What is it you like the most about tattooing?

CC: I really enjoy the visual problem solving tattooing presents and the tactile satisfaction of its application.


TK: How would you describe your style of art/tattooing?

CC: I am more interested in exploring the imagery I find compelling and expressing it with an aesthetic cohesion than sticking to one particular style or identity. But with that being said, I only do black tattoos.



TK: What sort of things inspire you?

CC: It depends on my mood. I spend a lot of time in libraries hunting for new source material from eastern and western esoterica, historical records or natural history texts.


TK: How have you been doing during this self-isolation?

CC: Trying to stay motived and productive with mixed results. I’m discovering the hard way how much my typical drive and inspiration is linked to physical activity and external stimulation.


TK: I understand that, before this my usual days off I might not have minded spending inside or keeping it more relaxed but now that my everyday is inside and my plans I had made months a go are slowly being cancelled one by one, it is a struggle. Where is the first place you will go once self-isolation is over?

CC: Uh probably a museum or the botanic gardens, but ideally I’d like to get the hell out of London for a bit.


TK: What do you miss the most about the outside world?

CC: The mental stimulation, which I had completely taken for granted.


TK: Is there anything about self-isolation that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

CC: I’m a big collector of rare tropical plants, it’s been nice to see everything growing like mad with the extra care I’ve been giving them.


TK: That must be super cool! Have you been in good health?


CC: I guess that’s rather subjective given the circumstances. I’ve been trying to go for a long bike ride every day, in my normal life that would be a good workout but now it barely scratches the itch.


TK: Who do you most admire in the industry?

CC: Probably Kevin Wong, the owner of Bed-Stuy Tattoo in Brooklyn. I learned a lot just by being around him but more importantly I really appreciate his dedication to fostering a sense of inclusion and community within his shop.


TK: Where did you start tattooing?

CC: I began tattooing at a private studio and later moved to Bed-Stuy Tattoo.


Colin along with the rest of the team at Three Kings Deptford, are all offering email consultations! Email to enquire about a booking.