Meet our resident artist Jess Sayers

Scorpion barbed wire heart by Jess Sayers

As Deptford's vibrant culture continues to flourish, Three Kings Tattoo proudly introduces our most recent addition to our talented team. Hailing all the way from the sunny shores of Australia's Sunshine Coast, the enigmatic artist Jess Sayers has brought her unique blend of Aussie charm and diverse passions to London's eclectic scene. With a keen fascination for all things true crime, alongside an unexpected adoration for the iconic Harry Styles, Jess infuses her art with a captivating blend of darkness and pop culture references, weaving tales of intrigue and fandom into every small detail of her work.

Having made the leap across continents nearly two years ago, Jess has since embraced the bustling energy of London with her warm and welcoming demeanour. Known for her infectious enthusiasm and a vibrant spirit that lights up every room, she has quickly become an indispensable part of the Three Kings Tattoo family. Despite her relatively recent arrival, her dedication to her craft has already begun to draw attention, with her unique twist on the American traditional style leaving a mark on her growing clientele.

Jess's preferred canvas is often a monochromatic masterpiece, where black and grey ink dances to bring her captivating designs to life. However, her versatility extends beyond the grayscale spectrum, as she seamlessly navigates the vibrant world of colors to cater to the diverse tastes of her clientele. Her skilful hands breathe life into her clients' visions, ensuring that every tattoo tells a story that is uniquely theirs.

Split face by Jess Sayers

With a vast collection of pre-drawn designs at her disposal, Jess offers a ton of stunning options for those seeking inspiration or a quick tattoo fix. Simultaneously, her adeptness at custom work ensures that every client receives a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with their individuality. Her proficiency extends beyond American Traditional, as she expertly crafts intricate, fine-line tattoos with precision.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore her portfolio and connect with us for a consultation, as this rising star is poised to leave an unforgettable impression on the London tattoo scene. Reach out to Three Kings Tattoo today and book your consultation with Jess Sayers.