Meet our artist (and owner) Amanda Rodriguez

Rose tattoo by Amanda

Amanda Rodriguez's journey from a budding artist in Queens, New York, to the owner of Three Kings London is a fascinating tale of artistic evolution and dedication. Born with a passion for art, Amanda initially delved into portrait work during her teenage years. Her dedication to the craft continued through High School, where she honed her skills before deciding to pursue Furniture Design at RISD.

However, life had different plans for Amanda. Upon leaving school, the lack of necessary skills for Furniture Design led her to the unexpected paths of tattooing and web design. Securing a tattoo apprenticeship at Pleasure in Pain in Taunton, MA, marked the beginning of her journey into the world of permanent artistry. Balancing web design and tattooing for several years, Amanda worked tirelessly until she could fully sustain herself through her passion for

In 2016, a significant turning point occurred when Amanda joined Three Kings in Brooklyn, transforming her career and setting the stage for future success. Her love for British culture, music, and football ultimately led her to make a life-altering decision in 2019 – a move to the UK. Partnering with Three Kings in the US, Amanda established Three Kings London, becoming the proud owner and operator of the

Tattoo by Amanda

Amanda's tattooing style is a unique blend of realism and traditional elements, with bold lines weaving through illustrative designs. Nature, particularly flowers, captivates her artistic soul, with a special obsession for English roses, particularly those bred by David Austin. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Amanda's interests extend to collecting taxidermy and entomology, showcasing her diverse and eclectic taste.

As a dedicated football enthusiast and season ticket holder for Tottenham Hotspur, Amanda's passion extends beyond the tattoo studio into the realm of sports. Her journey is a testament to the fusion of art, culture, and personal interests, creating a vibrant tapestry that defines her identity.

For those looking to adorn their skin with a piece of Amanda's unique artistry, the opportunity awaits. Book your appointment with Amanda Rodriguez at Three Kings London and let her illustrative style and love for nature leave a lasting impression on your skin. Check out some of her newer flash below and click here to get in touch.

Flash sheet from Amanda

Flash sheet by Amanda