Ötzi Exhibition - June 11 through July 10

Ötzi had 61 tattoos when he died at the age of 45… in 3,000 BCE. Beginning in 2012, artist Nicole Wilson underwent extensive research before having all of Ötzi‘s tattoos tattooed to scale on her own body, using her own blood in lieu of ink at @threekingstattoo.

Ötzi is an exhibition of Nicole’s research and photographs depicting her tattoos as they faded. Co-presented by @praise.shadows.art and @threekingslondon, with technical partner @fairchain.art.

This highly praised and groundbreaking body of work will be making its final stop here in London from June 11th to July 10th. Join us June 11th from 11am to 10pm for the opening! Artist Nicole Wilson will be present for book signings on the day! Don’t miss it!